Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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NCAA Lacrosse Championships Info
Saturday, May 26; Sunday, May 27; and Monday, May 28
NCAA Championships Tailgating Info for Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse: 

* MBYLL will have a large tent in Reunion Village each day (Sat, Sun & Mon), located in Lot 22 on the West Side of Gillette Stadium. 
* Please stop by! Use it as a tailgating or meeting point for your group. Meet other MBYLL players, coaches and leaders.
* On Saturday & Monday, we will have a FREE raffle for MBYLL players. Prizes will include Cannons Sideline Club Tickets, Evo Head, Buckets of lacrosse balls, and more!
* Saturday, must stop by before 11am for a raffle ticket (1 for each MBYLL player). Winners picked at 11am
* Monday, must stop by before 12noon for a raffle ticket (1 for each MBYLL player). Winners picked at 12noon.
* You must be present to win.
Daily schedule of events -- CLICK HERE  
Purchase Tickets -- CLICK HERE
Gillette Stadium Info --  CLICK HERE 
General Info -- CLICK HERE

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Message from MBYLL President

 Celebrating Community-based Youth Lacrosse in Massachusetts

Q:  How do we get more boys & girls playing & enjoying youth lacrosse in your community?

The growth and enjoyment of Community-based Youth Lacrosse in every town, city, neighborhood across Massachusetts is the core objective of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League.   Your league and your town program continue to be focused on this goal each spring season.  So how do we do that?   Simple answer:  By remembering, supporting and celebrating why community-based youth lacrosse matters.  Focusing on a shared mission (to teach, grow, and honor the game), coaching education, and player-family-fan enjoyment during what is a short 12-week spring season March to June has been key to our collective success in the youth lacrosse world.

The impact, importance and opportunity for community-based youth lacrosse cannot be overstated.  Your town program leaders and coaches take great pride in delivering a fun spring season experience for all players—and certainly a majority of parents around the state appreciate the result.  I was reminded of this fact after attending a recent DIII college game between Babson College vs. The Coast Guard Academy.  The mom of one of Coast Guard’s captains and a former MBYLL youth player, recalled to me after the game how her son was a very nervous, yet very determined, young boy doing his best to learn the game when he started playing in 2nd grade—yet he almost quit the sport at that very young age if it wasn’t for his coach’s ongoing encouragement throughout the season.  His coaches made a difference in ensuring this youth player wanted to come back and play again and again each spring by making the experience fun.  Watching this now-graduated college senior score what was the winning goal against Babson a few weeks ago, and thinking about where he started 12 years ago in his youth program, reminded me of the life-changing experiences our sport can offer and why we must continue to feed and focus on improving the community-based youth lacrosse experience in all communities so more players & families can share in that enjoyment.

Yet make no mistake:  community-based youth lacrosse’s very existence is also under attack, and this fact was reinforced when I also recently learned that the community-based youth program in Maryland that produced Paul Rabil, arguably the most recognized player in professional lacrosse, folded a few short years ago due to many factors but mostly due, in my opinion, to what I call the ‘elite-ification’ of youth sports in general as well as in combination with the lack of support for the character-building value community-based youth lacrosse programs can provide in all communities.   The volunteer leaders in your town and in MBYLL will continue to do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen to our community-based youth programs in Massachusetts.  We welcome and encourage your support as we Celebrate Community-based Youth Lacrosse this spring season and for many seasons to come across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Yours in lacrosse,


T.M. Spangenberg
President, MBYLL, Inc.
Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League

by posted 05/20/2018
THE SCOOP - Volume IV, Issue I

The Scoop, the official magazine of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse is back with Volume IV, Issue 1.  Read about Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse, our member towns, coaches and players!  Features on town success sotries, new town programs and how programs are giving back to their communities!  Plus spotlights on a 13-year coach and former players hitting college milestones!  CLICK HERE TO READ THE MAGAZINE!

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New to the 2018 Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League spring season is an award called "Sportsman of the Week" in which players and coaches are nominated for their commitment to sportsmanship, integrity, fair play, and character - ideals we champion at MBYLL.  Each week, 1 coach and 1 player will be awarded as Sportsman of the Week and receive recognigtion and gift from Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse!

To nominate a youth player or a coach, CLICK HERE

WEEK 6 (May 11-13):

Player Sportsman of the Week: AIDEN MULLIGAN from Lowell Youth Lacrosse

Coach Sportsman of the Week: MIKE KELLY from Haverhill Youth Lacrosse


WEEK 5 (May 4-6):

Player Sportsman of the Week: JEREMY EATON from Melrose Youth Lacrosse

Coach Sportsman of the Week: Coach KEVIN REEN from Swampscott-Nahant Youth Lacrosse


WEEK 4 (Apr 27-29):

Player Sportsman of the Week: NATHAN CARLO from Walpole Youth Lacrosse

Coach Sportsman of the Week: CHUCK BOOTH and his assistants JOE DESTEFANO & GREG O'SHAUGHNESSY from King Philip Youth Lacrosse


WEEK 3 (Apr 20-22):

Co-Player Sportsman of the Week: MATTHEW BARBERA & ANDREW ALMQUIST from Wakefield Youth Lacrosse

Coach Sportsman of the Week: JOHN KEEGAN from Wakefield Youth Lacrosse

WEEK 2 (Apr 13-15):

Player Sportsman of the Week -- AIDAN MOORE (pic above) from Leominster Youth Lacrosse --   leadership in stepping into the role of Goaltender (for the first time) during a Select game when neither team goalie appeared (and without notice). Your coaches felt this was an enormous gesture to the rest of your teammates as well as to your opponents (so the game could be played) and that you did a very admirable job on top of it.

Coach Sportsman of the Week -- BRIAN HANCOCK from Groton-Dunstable Youth Lacrosse -- dedication to your players through a positive style of coaching and by giving back to your community by sharing your love of the game with the next generation of lacrosse players.

WEEK 1 (Apr 6-8):

Player Sportsman of the Week -- DAVID RIZZO from Metheun Youth Lacrosse --  leadership, enthusiasm, and verbal & emotional support of his teammates - especially four new players at Level 7/8, for which he cheered and motivated on and off the field over the weekend.

Coach Sportsman of the Week -- DAVID CITRO from Wachusett Youth Lacrosse -- when the opposing team (Leominster) had a player who was injured after a shot, his team scooped up the ball and had an opportunity for a fast break and a good scoring opportunity. Despite it being a close game in the fourth quarter, Coach Citro asked the officials to take their time-out so the opposing team could attend to their injured player.



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New MBYLL Partnerships

MBYLL Announces New Partnerships Providing Benefits and Discounts to Member Towns, Coaches, Players and Families


As the Spring season approaches, we are continuing to create partnerships that will provide discounts and opportunities for our members.  See below the following partnerships and benefits for Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse member towns, coaches, players and families!


WARRIOR LACROSSE -- Warrior Lacrosse, one of the largest lacrosse equipment manufactorers in the world has partnered with Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse to offer discounted items to our members.  Each month, they will offer discounted itmes, available for 2 weeks and new items will be added each month!  

April discounted item (Warrior Black Hole Bag) sale has ended. Check back in May for the next discount offer!

SMART BACKSTOP: Do you have a lacrosse goal in your backyard? Do your teams spend more time at practice on ball hunts, than shooting?  Smart Backstop is the ideal piece of equipment for individuals, teams and towns!  Save windows, save time, practice smart with a Smart Backstop!  Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse member towns, coaches, players & families, save $25 off and get Free shipping by using code MBYLL at checkout!  CLICK HERE to visit their site

FLIP GOALIE:  Flip Goalie is a unique product for practicing your shooting.  Acts as a goalie or target in any area of the goal based on how you set it up.  Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse members can save 20% off when orderging online.  Use the following codes, based on the number of panels you order: 

  • One panel: MBYLL-1
  • Two panels: MBYLL-2
  • three panels: MBYLL-3

CLICK HERE to visit their site.

RABIL TOUR - Boston: Paul Rabil is bringing the RABIL TOUR to Boston on May 27. Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse players can save $20 by using code MBYLL when signing up!  This event will sell out  CLICK HERE for more information on The Rabil Tour.


PAUL RABIL'S personal message to Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse players...




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MBYLL Scholarships

Winners of the 2017 MBYLL Player & Associate Official Scholarships & McCrae Williams Memorial Leadership Awards will be announced soon.

Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League awards a scholarship to one graduating youth player and one active AO (Associate Official) who best embody the mission of the league: To Teach, To Grow, To Honor the sport of lacrosse. The Leadership Award is named for former MBYLL player and Associate Official McCrae Williams who passed away in 2017. McCrae Williams was an enormous ambassador of the game locally and internationally, excelled as a player in the Weston Youth Lacrosse program, and was an exemplary official for MBYLL and EMLOA.



2016 winners (Declan Buckley of Walpole and Ryan Frost of Georgetown) receiving their award at the most recent Cannons game at Harvard Stadium



posted 08/13/2017
Jamboree Flyover

Birds Eye View of the 2015 Jamboree

Click Here to see the full drone flight over all seventeen fields!

posted 04/29/2017
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