* Create a weekly match schedule for member teams to compete.* Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Eastern Massachusetts.* Cultivate and assist additional towns to start youth lacrosse programs.* Train coaches and officials.* Est

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2017 Mass Bay Select Championships
Natick U15 D1
U15 D1 Champions: Natick     
     Runner-up: Tribal
U15 D2 Champions: Milton     
     Runner-up: Peabody
U15 D3 Champions: Newton
     Runner-up: Natick
U13 D1 Champions: North Andover    
     Runner-up: Reading
U13 D2 Champions: Milton    
     Runner-up: Peabody
U13 D3 Champions: Wellesley
     Runner-up: Shrewsbury
U15 D1 Best-of-Rest Winner: Reading
     Runner-up: Tripswich
U15 D2 Best-of-Rest Winner: Canton
     Runner-up: Medway
U13 Best-of-Rest Winner: Wakefield
     Runner-up: Wellesley
2016 Mass Bay Select Championships
U15 D1 Champions: Newton
     Runner-up: Melrose
U15 D1A Champions: Reading
     Runner-up: Foxboro
U15 D2 Champions: Newton
     Runner-up: Milton
U13 D1 Champions: Billerica
     Runner-up: Franklin
U13 D1A Champions: Westwood
     Runner-up: Mansfield
U13 D2 Champions: Easton/Sharon
     Runner-up: Leominster
U15 Best-of-Rest Winner: North Attleboro
     Runner-up: Lexington
U13 Best-of-Rest Winner: Wakefield
     Runner-up: Northborough-Southborough
2015 Mass Bay Select Championships
U15 D1 Champions: Franklin
     Runner-up: Reading
U15 D2 Champions: Nantucket
     Runner-up: North Reading
U13 D1 Champions: Hamilton-Wenham
     Runner-up: Franklin
U13 D2 Champions: Swampscott-Nahant
     Runner-up: Easton/Sharon
U15 D1 Best-of-Rest Winner: Weston
     Runner-up: Hamilton-Wenham
U15 D2 Best-of-Rest Winner: Nipmuc
     Runner-up: Peabody
U13 D1 Best-of-Rest Winner: Lexington
     Runner-up: Weston
U13 D2 Best-of-Rest Winner: Norwood
     Runner-up: Northbridge
2014 Mass Bay Select Championships
U15 D1 Champions: Westwood
     Runner-up: Newton
U15 D2 Champions: Foxboro
     Runner-up: Medway
U13 D1 Champions: Northborough-Southborough
     Runner-up: Franklin
U13 D2 Champions: Canton
     Runner-up: Tribal
U15 D1 Best-of-Rest Winner: Nantucket
     Runner-up: Acton-Boxboro
U15 D2 Best-of-Rest Winner: Woburn
     Runner-up: Bridgewater-Raynham
U13 Best-of-Rest Winner: Milton
     Runner-up: Pentucket
2013 Mass Bay Select Championships
U15 D1 Champions: King Philip
     Runner-up: Franklin
U15 D2 Champions: Billerica
     Runner-up: Sharon
U13 D1 Champions: Franklin
     Runner-up: Northborough-Southborough
U13 D2 Champions: Newton
     Runner-up: Milton
2012 Mass Bay Select Championships
U15 Champions: King Philip
     Runner-up: Wakefield
U13 Champions: Brookline/Parkway
     Runner-up: Westwood
Pictured top-to-bottom: Natick U15 D1, North Andover U13 D1, Milton U15 D2, Milton U13 D2, Newton U15 D3, Wellesley U13 D3