Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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2019 MBYLL Coaching Clinics
MBYLL will be offering three types of coaching certification clinics in 2019. Some of our clinics will have multiple options to select from.
  1. MBYLL "Intro" Course: An introduction to lacrosse basics and fundamentals for first-time coaches with little or no experience. Courses run by MBYLL trainers.
  2. MBYLL "Preparatory" Course: A preparatory clinic focused on fundamentals and practice planning for new MBYLL coaches with lacrosse experience. Courses run by MBYLL trainers and/or HGR Lacrosse.
  3. MBYLL "Advanced" Course: An advanced clinic for returning and experienced MBYLL coaches. Courses run by Trilogy Lacrosse.


To register for an MBYLL clinic - please click here


The following courses will be offered in 2019:

MBYLL Multi-Purpose Clinic
Sunday March 10, 2019
St. John's Prep (Danvers) Wellness Center
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
More TBA once secured...