Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Important Notes for Coaches Attending the 2018 MBYLL Jamboree

NOTE: Modified Game Rules for the 2019 MBYLL Jamboree will be available SOON!!!


Please make sure you go to our website and read the documents on instructions and rules for the Jamboree.

Below is a brief summary of “some” key points but does not represent a complete list.


  1. Make sure your team arrives at least 30 minutes before your first game

  2. Coaches make sure you check in at the MBYLL Headquarters

  3. Let us know if you are willing to play a 4th game if needed

  4. Teams must have available game balls and pinnies as needed

Rules and Officials

  1. All games are 40 minutes, with two 18 minute running time halves and a 4 minute half time

  2. All games are started and ended together by the on-field MBYLL Game Starters

  3. Games delayed in starting will NOT make up time by continuing play after the scheduled end of a half or game.

  4. Game time will not be extended nor running time stopped for injuries.

  5. There are NO Time Outs, given we are playing “running time”.

  6. Players called for Unsportsmanlike fouls and Unnecessary Roughness fouls will sit out the remainder of the half. Officials will be told to make such an appropriate call in cases of:

    • High Hits

    • Hits to the helmet or leading with the helmet

    • Slash with the intent (in the sole opinion of the Ref) to hurt a player

    • Body Check “legal” or otherwise with the intention to hurt or injure the opponent in the discretion of the official

  7. Officials can and will eject a player for more than one of these fouls and/or based on the severity of a single infraction.

  8. In the case of a game ejection the player will not be allowed to play the next game either. This is consistent with the in season rule of sitting out a game if a player is ejected.

  9. All other personal fouls will have the offending player in the penalty box for 2 minutes (since it is running time). He is replaced on the field and the opponent will start with a fast break set up at center X.


  • The Jamboree will be played rain or shine

  • In case of lightning, fields will be cleared until 30 minutes after the storm passes and then the games will resume based on the next full time slot.Games that were missed will not be rescheduled.All efforts will be made to find openings for teams that missed games.

Specific for U15 Play

There has been an escalation of serious personal fouls during the past several jamborees, particularly around U15 players who realize that a personal foul does not result in a man down situation. In an effort to increase the safety for all players the officials at the Jamboree will be instructed to apply the following rule as passed by the Board of Directors:

  • Any U15 player who receives an Unsportsmanlike or Unnecessary Roughness penalty will be sent off the field and be required to sit out the remainder of that half of play. The officials have the discretion to call this for things such as slashes, cross checks or take out checks which in their sole opinion is with malicious intent.

  • The rest of the rules remain as they were, meaning that a personal foul requires the player to be sent off the field for the time (typically two minutes since it is running time) and the other team is set up with the fast break.

  • Any U15 player who is ejected from a game at the Jamboree is finished for the day.

  • Both coaches should remember in the spirit of good sportsmanship that allowing the penalized player to return to the game prior to the time of the penalty expiring is unsportsmanlike.

Please communicate this to all your U15 coaches.

Specific to U13 teams:

  • Sticks cut down shorter than 40 inches are illegal.

Specific to U11 teams:

  • The U11 Pass rule requires 1 Completed pass before a team may shoot on the goal.

  • Games are played 8 v 8 players

Specific to U9 teams:

  • Teams are 7v7 (2 Attack, 2 Middies, 2 Defense and a Goalie).

  • Field Size is 1/2 field: 60 yards long by 35 yards wide using 4x4 foot nets.

  • All players are expected to have Jerseys or Pinnies with contrasting numbers on them large enough to read.

  • NO body checking at U9 per the US Lacrosse Youth Rules. U9 players are expected to play the ball and NOT the man when the ball is loose. When defending a player in possession with the ball, U9 defender should use no more than equal pressure to prevent progress.

  • Substitutions will be allowed on all out of bounds.

  • Long sticks of any size, including tiger poles are NOT permitted at U9.

  • No downward stick checks are allowed, only Poke Checks and Lift Checks are acceptable stick checks.

  • A team must make two attempted passes (they do not need to be completed) in the offensive side of the field prior to being able to shoot.

  • If two pass attempts have occurred in the offensive end and the defensive team gains possession of the ball but does not successfully clear the ball before losing possession, the original offensive team does NOT have to attempt any additional passes prior to shooting.

  • Regardless of meeting the shooting criteria, AFTER every whistle, at least 1 pass must be attempted prior to shooting (example: Team A attempts their two passes in the offensive end and then takes a shot. Team A backed up the shot for possession. Even though they have attempted their two passes, they still need another pass attempt prior to shooting.)

  • Teams can have only 1 coach on the field with the players. The coach must stay near the sideline and not interfere with the flow of the game (we have had coaches stand in the crease during play which you can imagine the problems that causes).

  • No time-served penalties. The player who committed the foul must be substituted off the field, however the team does not play man down. No fast breaks on penalties. Penalties will be explained to all players by the referee during a stoppage and then a change of possession will occur. If a player is deemed to be “out of control,” it will be up to the referee and coaches to sit him down until he can continue in the game. If an incident occurs with the same player after he has been sat down once, he will be removed from the game.