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Coaches Registration and Certification for Spring 2017 Season

2014 CEP Men's L1 Clinic, Foxboro MA, March 15    

All Coaches are required to either take a certification course, or if you completed one last year you must register on the site at the link for coaches already certified (no different than having your returning players register each year). Please check the menu choice for the list of certified coaches and be sure that you are on there.

 Click Here to go to the registration area for this year's training courses or the registration for coaches still certified from last year.

Each season we run 6 Basic courses (one in each region), plus 6 of the Trilogy Courses. USLacrosse runs 2 courses in our region so our coaches have 14 opportunities to get trained each year.

In order to become MBYLL certified you must have the following:

  1. A valid USLacrosse membership good through June 30 of the current year
  2. Be CORI checked by your town program each year (this is State Law)
  3. Complete a Positive Coaching Alliance on-line course. This is paid for by MBYLL when you register with us. You will get a code to enter which waives the fee when you take it at the PCA website. You are only required to take this one time, however PCA offers multiple courses and we encourage you to take additional ones to enhance our Positive Coaching culture.
  4. Complete the online CEP Level 1 Men's course on the USLacrosse website. This is included as part of your dues when you join USLacrosse. This course is only required one time, but again we encourage our coaches to take the Level 2 course as your coaching career progresses.
  5. Complete the USLacrosse online course titled How to Make Proper Contact, which is free to all US Lacrosse members. The link is here
  6. Complete one of the MBYLL in person courses listed above every two years. In addition to rules constantly changing, we feel that the progression offered will keep it very worthwhile.

Once you have completed all of the requirements to become certified you will receive a lanyard with your certification card on it. You are expected to wear this card during games. Select Coaches are required to display it or they are asked to leave the sidelines. You will receive your card at the conclusion of the in person clinics IF you have completed the pre-requisites. The Director of Coaching Education has access to the PCA database and also the USLacrosse database to verify course completions. He does this two days before each class to be prepared with the cards.

Any questions about this training can be directed to the


You may also register for the USLacrosse full CEP Men's Level 1 and Level 2 courses being run by USLacrosse on our registration area in order to get the MBYLL discount for the national course.

There must be a minimum of at least one certified coach on each side on game days for Sunday Classic, however EVERY Coach on the sideline for Select games must be certified or they will be asked to leave.
• Coaches will be carded by the official before each game
• Certification is good for 2 years

In order to register you need to be a member of USLacrosse and your membership must be good for the duration of the season (good thru 6/30/17) or the system will not let you register for a clinic. (a membership which expires mid-season would void your programs insurance coverage which is why this is important).

You must complete all of the following to become certified:
     • (online course) USL Level 1 (only required once)
     • (online course) PCA Double Goal (only required once)

(online course) PCA Double Goal (only required once)
     • (In Person) MBYLL/USL Clinic (every two years)
     • CORI certification (every year)

Re-certification (for those who are already MBYLL/USL Level 1 Certified)
     • USL Level 2 Clinic and MBYLL Refresher or
     • MBYLL/Trilogy Lacrosse Subject Matter Specific Clinics

 A question we do get is why the certification is only good for two years. There are a couple of reasons. First we believe that a great differentiator of being in MBYLL is our superior coaches who are committed to continuing education. Second is to ensure that everyone is current on any rule changes, and third is to continue to reinforce the MBYLL philosophy and the Positive Coaching principles which we follow. To that end we offer a full curriculum to make you a better coach, which includes the following progression:

  • our Basic MBYLL Standard course
  • USLacrosse Full Level 1 Certification
  • Trilogy/MBYLL Level 1.5
  • USLacrosse Full Level 2 Certification
  • Trilogy/MBYLL Level 2.5
  • USLacrosse Full Level 3 Certification