* Create a weekly match schedule for member teams to compete.* Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Eastern Massachusetts.* Cultivate and assist additional towns to start youth lacrosse programs.* Train coaches and officials.* Est

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Register as a 2017 MBYLL Official

MBYLL Referee Registration for the 2017 Spring Season helps us work better with EMLOA. This annual registration is mandatory (exactly the same as on the EMLOA requirements) if you want to have games in the MBYLL. 

Associate Officials (AO's) must register here also.

There is also a quiz on the MBYLL specific rules, the answers to which are found on the MBYLL Referree Handout and also on the Rules & Safety tab on the menu bar.

This registration is required in order that you can be scheduled properly and paid for your work.
Thank you!
MBYLL Board of Directors

Additional Resources available from USLacrosse: