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The official Rate Card to pay officials who referee MBYLL Classic and Select games is:

Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League

MBYLL-EMLOA Referee Guidelines & Officials Rate Card

2018 Spring Season

The following Referee Guidelines and Officials Rate Card has been approved by Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) and the Eastern Mass Lacrosse Officials Association (EMLOA) leadership for the spring season.

MBYLL Pre-Game Checklist: Head Coaches & Officials must meet together to review the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League & Eastern Mass Lacrosse Officials Association mandatory Pre-Game Checklist and Coaches Card Presentation before the start of all MBYLL Classic and MBYLL Select games.

MBYLL Certified Coach’s Sideline Badge: EMLOA refs must check during the Pre-Game Conference that both Head Coaches—and all Select coaches—have a valid MBYLL Certified Coach sideline badge before all Classic and Select games.

Season Goals & Guidelines: Our goal is all MBYLL Classic games will have two referees officiating at all U15, U13 & U11 league contests. We understand that many MBYLL Town Programs will not have the resources to do this. Two referees will only be mandated to be assigned & officiate all MBYLL U15 games, with one of the two refs coming from either the pool of MBYLL Sr. Associate Official's (SrAO) or AO’s from the town of the home team, or a 2nd EMLOA ref can be assigned. MBYLL strongly encourages member programs to also deploy their town AO’s to their U13 home games as a 2nd official—and their AO’s also continue as a single ref at U9—so their AO’s will get more experience, become better officials and all our games can be officiated with an extra pair of impartial eyes and the overall game experience improves. Town AO’s can be promoted to Sr. AO’s during season—and as a Sr. AO, they can also be the lead official at U11 games—when their experience warrants it AND ONLY after they are approved & signed off by a EMLOA clinician. NOTE: An AO promotion to a Sr. AO is NOT automatic. Town AO’s must demonstrate a strong knowledge of the rules, maturity level on the field and solid game mechanics before they can be nominated to be considered for a Sr. AO promotion. Go to for more info.

All MBYLL Select games will be officiated with two EMLOA referees at $70/ref/game. If two EMLOA refs are not available, then one of the two referee’s assigned can be Sr. Associate Official at $40/game as the 2nd Official.

MBYLL Rate Card: The following EMLOA & Associate Officials pay scale will apply for all MBYLL Classic games

Assigned as the Lead Official

Assigned as the 2nd Official

Mentoring Official

EMLOA Official

$70/game (if only 1 EMLOA ref)

$65/game/Ref (for two EMLOA refs)

$70/game (mentor to AO)

Sr. Associate Official

$50/game (can only lead at U9, U11)

$40/game (at U9, U11, U13, U15)

Not applicable

Associate Official

$30/game (can only be lead at U9)

$30/game (at U9, U11, U13, U15)

$20/game (until certified)