* Create a weekly match schedule for member teams to compete.* Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Eastern Massachusetts.* Cultivate and assist additional towns to start youth lacrosse programs.* Train coaches and officials.* Est
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USLacrosse Playing Time Survey

US Lacrosse is interested in learning more about how much time youth are spending involved in lacrosse. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Sport Psychology Program and MedStar Sports Medicine have developed a brief, anonymous survey that we hope you will take a few minutes to answer. The information you provide will help shape policies for youth lacrosse that will continue to make the game fun, accessible, and safer for all players."

USLacrosse Playing Time Survey Link 

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The Scoop Spring 2015

Click on the image to read the second issue of the Official Magazine of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse!

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2014 MBYLL All Star Teams

August 9th, 2014 the MBYLL All-Stars played at Harvard Stadium immediately prior to the Boston Cannons game. Here are the team pictures from the day. Pictures provided by Ann Langille.

MBYLL U13 North All-Star Team


MBYLL U13 South All-Star Team


MBYLL 7th Grade North All-Star Team


MBYLL 7th Grade South All-Star Team

MBYLL 8th Grade North All-Star Team


MBYLL 8th Grade South All-Star Team



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ComLax, the Official Sponsor of the MBYLL 2014 Jamboree
The largest single youth festival in the country with 500 Teams!



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Coach Certification Clinics

Coaches Registration and Clinics for Spring 2014 Season

ALL COACHES are required to do the following:

1.     register on the MBYLL website (requires your date of birth)

2.     have a valid US Lacrosse membership good through June 30

3.     be CORI checked annually by your Town Administrator

4.     Take an online Positive Coaching course (only required once)

5.     Pass the online US lacrosse online level 1 course (only required once)

6.     Take an MBYLL Clinic, or USLacrosse Clinic or a Trilogy Clinic (required every two years)

Coaches who have completed the prerequisites, PRIOR TO ATTENDING A CLINIC, will receive a MBYLL/ USL Level 1 or Level 2 certification card, which will be valid for two years, at the end of the clinic.

Coaches who have NOT completed the prerequisites prior to attending a clinic, WILL NOT receive a card until they submit proof of completion to MBYLL. There are no guarantees that these coaches will receive their cards prior to their first game, so, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that as many coaches as possible complete the prerequisites ahead of time.

Our goal each year is to run at least ten certification clinics. We try and schedule 1 MBYLL and 1 Trilogy clinic in each of the five geographic regions. US lacrosse also runs the full level 1 and level 2 certification clinics in our area each year, for a total of 12 opportunties to become trained. The registration for each of these is made public at the link below to register as soon as we secure a date and location for each one. If you want to help secure a location please let your regional Director know, as getting these is always the key part of the planning process.


To sign up for MBYLL and Trilogy Clinics click here  (This list will be updated constantly as we secure training locations)


To see more info on the full day USLacrosse Clinics click here however you may register for them through our website at a discount by clicking the links below:

USLacrosse Online Courses Click Here

Positive Coaching Alliance Courses click here

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What is that card I see hanging from the Coaches neck?
What is that card I see hanging from the Coaches neck?

One of the things that sets MBYLL apart from every other league is the high quality of coaching throughout our 126 member programs. Each year we train over 800 coaches in all aspects of the game of lacrosse, and also on the philosophy of the Positive Coaching Alliance. Every coach in our league is required to be certified at least every two years.
For Select games every Head Coach AND every Assistant Coach is required to be certified and display the card visibly around their necks in order to be on the sideline.  For the Classic Sunday games a minimum requirement is that the Head Coach be certified, and it is recommended that all assistant coaches be certified as well.

How can you tell who is certified?
All Coaches should be wearing their certification card visible around their necks. This is another way that we honor the game.
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We ask that parents respect the game’s officials

“Referees umpires and officials are human and make mistakes, just like players, coaches and you. No one shouts at you in front of other people when you make a mistake, so please don’t yell at them. We do not have video replay; so, we will go with their calls”.

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How many high schools in Massachusetts play lacrosse?
There are 209 high schools in Massachusetts with a boys lacrosse team this season!

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Coaching Clinics for Spring 2013 Certification
We are opening up the registrations for the coaches certification clinics. Each team is required to have at least one coach become certified (and we recommend that all coaches get certified) and has the proper card to present to the official prior to the start of the game during the pre-game conference with both coaches and the Referee.
Failure to have a certified coach results in the game not being played.

Please help us continue to raise the bar by exceeding the standards of the game we love so that we can pass on a great experience to our kids!

The next clinic registration is open. Click Here to register.

There must be a minimum of at least one certified coach on each side on game days
     • Coaches will be carded by the official before each game
     • Certification is good for 2 years
     • The initial certification is MBYLL/USL Level 1 Certification
You must complete all of the following to become certified:
         • USL Level 1 On-Line
         • PCA Double Goal On-Line
         • MBYLL/USL Level 1 Clinic
         • CORI certification
Re-certification (for those who are already MBYLL/USL Level 1 Certified)
         • USL Level 2 Clinic and MBYLL Refresher
         • MBYLL/Trilogy Lacrosse Subject Matter Specific Clinic (details forthcoming)
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Coaches, Town Coordinators & Referees - Help us, help you.
Coaches, Town Coordinators and Referees, in our continued effort to make the communication better for spring lacrosse, we need you to be listed in the system. 

For Coaches and Town Coordinators, if you do not see your name in the 'Team Contacts' list to the left, please register here and we will add your email address to your team's page. 

For Officials, if you have not registered, please register here so that we can assign you games.
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Town Admin link for registering your town in MBYLL
There have been several towns who missed, forgot, or simply did not see the town registration button. As a reminder, the town needs to register as a program in MBYLL, and that is where you put in the information about which fields you use, who you prefer to play or prefer not to etc.

This piece is the most critical for Ted to set up the schedule. So thank you for registering your teams, but if you have not yet registered your town please do so immediately so the scheduling can begin!

Click here to register now
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US Lacrosse Video Channel
2015 Planning Calendar

2015 MBYLL Calendar

  • No Games Sunday April 5 (Easter)
  • Spring Classic Lacrosse starts Sunday April 12
  • Spring Select Lacrosse starts Friday April 10
  • Classic U9 Games start Sunday April 26
  • Sunday May 25 (Memorial Day)
  • Regular season ends Sunday June 7
  • Jamboree will be held on June 6&7 and also June 13&14
  • Select Championships will be June 13
  • Select All Star Games at Harvard July TBD
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